About Stafford Consulting

Our Ten Core Values

You need serious results—immediate, sustained and measurable. You’re not just interested in making your numbers, but exceeding them and setting up your business for future success.

Results Guaranteed

We’re all about your bottom line. You’ll get your full value from every minute of our work.

Metrics Matter

Focus on the right activities and get the results you expect.

Scale Your Teams

If your process isn’t repeatable and new hires aren’t ramping up quickly, it’s time for a change.

Hone Your Messaging

By putting together the perfect pitch with your team, prospects are more readily motivated to act and move forward.

Fresh Perspective

Our outside expertise brings in new ways of thinking and uncovers hidden revenue blockers.

Create a Culture of Winning

Invest in your team and process to improve performance and reduce costly turnover.

A Clear Future

To get where you’re going, you first need to know where you stand. We’ll give you an honest and rigorous assessment of your position in the marketplace.

Improve Efficiency

Set up a sales process that saves on costs while increasing productivity.

Lessons that Last

Since our training is customized to your business culture and challenges, your team will retain their sales education.

Get Disciplined

We don’t just sweat the details, we seek them out. Stafford Consulting builds you a complete platform for success.

Galvanize Your Sales Team
for Greatness

Sales success starts at the top. Your team only operates as efficiently and effectively as you motivate, inspire and encourage them to. By leading thoughtfully and confidently, you set up both your team and entire company for high achievement.

As a leader, you need to navigate challenging territories—hiring, firing, disciplining and evaluating employees. With all of that piling on top of your normal workload, you’re not always perfectly situated to deal with so many demands at once.

We bring clarity and focus to sales leadership —sharpening skills for greater success. By coaching to your specific needs, we help you develop a more effective team, reduce costly turnover rate, create a unifying corporate culture, and improve sales productivity — whatever you need to boost performance.

Build A Winning SalesTeam    
Set A Consistent Sales Process    
Deliver a Clear Message & Value Proposition    

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